Teddy’s bear dreams

Where does this crazy idea to photograph a little bear all around the world comes from? Perhaps because of Amélie Poulain’s garden gnome? Who cares! Everyone had a Teddy bear, it’s our childhood, a part of us, the moment when the whole world was opening without limits to our thirst for space and liberty.

As the trip continues, the little bear is chasing our dreams, our hopes, he comes up against our disappointments and our failures, facing our nostalgias, the noise and the fury, the world’s indifference, he is facing to himself, but he also meet the other…

Then, with all his hopes he can ignore the resignations and the borders, and start again, free and light, through the silvery reflections of the world…

Since 15 years ago, on all continents, across twenty countries, a silver bear goes for a walk in different places, different borders, different hands. This project was started in 2007 by the photographer Marta Rossignol who has reached her cultural and artistic maturity.

This work is still in progress and never stops growing: every year Marta Rossignol is covering new countries to take advantage of new aspects and new situations. The work is alive, in constant development according to the state of mind of the moment, the artist’s desires, the encounters, the general atmosphere and the local culture.
Capturing the lights of the world with his metallic dress, arousing immediately the sympathy and the kindness of the people around him, the little bear symbolizes the part of the childhood that is still alive in all of us, of imagination, and share this innocence with the public.

Always identical, he arouses, however, changeable impressions and feelings according to the context where he is moving on and his mood seems to fluctuate in every step of his journey. And we confront our own dreams with the images of his distant encounters. This is the purpose of the presentation, to cause a variety of emotions through the little bear’s adventures, reflection of our souls.

He arouses impressions and changing feelings according to the context in which he evolves and his mood seems to fluctuate from one stage to another in his trip